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2023 Australian Water Awards - WA branch Water Award winner Infrastructure Project

Innovation Award (Regional)

The Horrocks WTP Continuous Electrochlorination (CEC) Upgrade, utilising the Hydro-dis® technology, was awarded the AWA Infrastructure Project Innovation Award (Regional) at the 2023 Australian Water Awards – WA Branch award dinner on Friday, 3rd November 2023.

The Water Corporation, Curtin University and contributing organisations received the Project

Innovation Award (Regional) for the Horrocks WTP Continuous Electrochlorination (CEC) Upgrade


Judges’ Comments

In June 2023 the Water Corporation of Western Australia commissioned the world’s first benign full-

scale CEC aesthetics removal water treatment plant at Horrocks. Horrocks is the first example of its

kind. It’s a game changer for the water industry.

“As the key contributing organisations, Hydro-dis® would like to congratulate the Water Corporation

on this prestigious award. Working in partnership to utilise the unique Hydro-dis® technology, the team at Hydro-dis® has enjoyed working closely with the project team to bring our combined vision to reality” said Hydro-dis® CEO Mark Carey.



About the Horrocks Continuous Electrochlorination (CEC) Upgrade

The Horrocks Continuous Electrochlorination (CEC) plant has successfully implemented a full-scale

CEC treatment plant which simultaneously oxidise iron and manganese present in the ground water

whilst disinfecting the treated water resulting in a plant that has eliminated the need to store chlorine and has led to a reduction in the amount of Sodium hydroxide (NaOH) required by the plant for pH correction by over 35%.

“Using the Hydro-dis® technology, the plant is proven to the water sector. It now has the opportunity

to reduce or even eliminate the industry's reliance on hazardous chemicals such as chlorine (gas and liquid) and significantly reduce the use of other chemicals such as Sodium hydroxide (NaOH) in many applications” said Hydro-dis® CEO Mark Carey.

About the Horrocks WTP Continuous Electrochlorination (CEC) Upgrade - Water Corporation, Curtin University

The award recognises significant and innovative water infrastructure projects driving prosperity and

sustainability. Eligible projects may involve new or upgraded infrastructure (physical or digital) which

have delivered improved outcomes for the organisation, community and/or industry.

Judging Criteria

  • Original or innovative project with outstanding features which sets it apart from comparable projects

  • Relevant and future focused for those working with water

  • Demonstrates tangible benefits - social, economic, environmental and/or cultural

  • Evidence initiative completed in the two years before the nomination date


About Hydro-dis® – “The smarter way to make water safe”

The Hydro-dis® technology is a unique Australian designed and developed water treatment and

disinfection technique that uses the electro catalytic break down of water to instantly destroy

waterborne micro-organisms including micro-flora and oxidising metals on the source water, while

simultaneously converting chloride ions into chlorine leaving a measured residual disinfection in the

treated water. This gives a secondary disinfection ensuring sustained microbiological and micro-floral control.

This Hydro-dis® technology can be applied to a wide variety of water use applications ranging from

disinfection of treated wastewater (sewage), re-use water to potable drinking water to safely provide

access to clean water for the communities that need it most.

Hydro-dis® is also a contributing organisation involved in the Nitrate Reduction in Bore Water Research Project which is a collaboration between Water Corp, NT Power & Water, NT Government and the University of Queensland along with Adelaide Based SME Demetec Automation.

Press Release, 8 November 2023

2023 Australian Water Awards
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